Are you considering a tankless water heater?


You may have several questions on whether a gas or propane tank-less water heater is a good idea for you.  These Tank-less heaters are a great product that allows you to get endless hot water when sized correctly. There are several factors in determining the right size heater for you home. It depends on peak water demand, how many fixtures, what type of fixture, how many people, and many other factors.  So what are the key differences between a tank- type and a tank-less heater. A tank-type heater stores and heats a reservoir of hot water, most homes between 30 to 50 gallons.  A tank-less heater has no tank, therefore water is heated only when it passes through the unit.  Like to take long hot baths? A soaking tub can hold 60 gallons or more of water. If you have a 50 gallon tank-type heater you will likely be out of hot water before the bath is filled. This is an example of where a tank-less would make sense, it will keep pumping out the hot water as long as you like.

One common misconception is a tank-less water heater gives you instant hot water, if you prefer instant hot water neither heater will provide this option without the help of a recirculating pump. It is possible to get instant hot water with a re-circulating system on either a tank-type or tank-less. Several heaters now offer the option of built in re-circulating systems that are programmable for peak times of use. This allow you to not overwork the heater when recirculation is not needed.  Many tank-type and tank-less heaters also offer Wifi that can tell you when the heater needs to be serviced, you can also control temp or even turn the heater off while you are out of town.

Gas and Propane Tank-less can provide energy savings over the long hall, although the initial cost is typically more than a tank type heater. Tank-less are smaller and take up considerably less space. Tank-type heater are a less expensive option, and are what many of us are  probably more familiar with.  Both types of heaters are good options, it truly depends on what is most important to you.  If you still have questions feel free to give us a call or stop by and see us!